Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to provide you with a brief description of my medical history and prescriptions?
A: No. However it is a good idea so we can alert medical personnel in case you aren’t able. Our Electronic Medical History Bracelets are a great compliment and insures your medical history  goes with you wherever you go. 

Q: What is the range of the system?
A: The system should cover a home up to 3,500 sq. ft. in size, depending on how much concrete and steel you have in your floors.

Q: Do you have to call an ambulance?
A: No. We can call anyone you designate, but we recommend you let us call both.

Q: Can I use my Vonage phone line?
A: No, because we cannot insure the same quality of service that we do with a hard line,  due to the instability of internet connections.

Q: Can I cancel my contract ?
A: No. However if you have a prepaid contract you can put it on indefinite hold or transfer the remaining months to another Life Saver Wellness member; we will be happy to help you.

Q: Do I own the Life Saver Home Medical/Safety Alert System?
A: No. Membership requires a $2,500.00 pesos deposit, $2,000 of which is returned when your unit and pendent  is returned in complete working order.

Q: What if I lose  my pendent?

A: You can purchase a new pendent for $450.00 pesos. 

Q: I am a member of a health group, and only need a service that will phone a member of my group. Do you have a plan for us?

A: Yes, the Phone a Friend, will call a designated friend, this service provides no medical history or calls to emergency agencies.

Q: What if I lose power?
A: There is a battery back up. If your phone requires electricity to operate then the Home Medical Alert System will not be able to dial out until service is restored. This is why we prefer to connect through a wall jack directly.

Q: What if I accidently push the emergency button?
A: To cancel the call, just push the cancel button. You can also wait until the siren goes silent and inform our agent that you wish to cancel the call, in this case, you may be asked for a code word.

Q: What if the programmed information is erased?
A: Please contact us immediately when you realize your unit's programmed information has been erased. We will need to reprogram it right away. There is a small reprogramming fee.